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Stayer wheels are built for you; your weight and your riding.

Your wheels are the workhorse of your bicycle, and your weight, power and use is simply not the same as everyone else’s. A wheelset for a 6 foot 4 (physical-)powerhouse shouldn’t be the same as for a 5 foot 4 nimble climber should it? 

Stayer carbon wheelsets

from £1495 inc VAT

Why hand-built wheels?

We don’t re-badge cheap hubs made of pizza dough, we use only the best and we’re proud to partner with brands like Hope and DT Swiss as standard. Quality machining to the tightest tolerances keeps the bearings where they need to be despite a multitude of forces acting on them, stiff flanges let the spokes and rim do their job under driving and braking forces while keeping you pointing where you want to go.

Then there’s the build, which is why you’re here. Top quality components are only half the story, we’ve spent years working on the idiosyncrasies of wheel-building, sourcing the best parts and learning how best to put them together. It’s no good making wheels that look pretty if you’re not prepared to put them through their paces. And we do, daily!

We have a long history with both Hope and DT Swiss as hub manufacturers. Both are world leaders in bicycle manufacturing and the quality, tolerances and finish of their products is race-proven in multiple disciplines. Both the new Hope PRO5 and DT Swiss 240 EXP hub models have stiff hub shells, consistency of workmanship and high quality bearings make them a pleasure to build with and enables us to use higher tensions than your average factory built wheels, meaning the resulting product is stiffer, can take more abuse and feels amazing to ride.

We primarily use spoke and nipple technology from Pillar and Sapim, two giants of the industry. If you’ve ridden a bike in the last 30 years, you’ve probably ridden wheels made with one or the other. Pillar’s ‘Wing’ design and Sapim’s CX-Ray (both with elliptical bladed sections) are more aerodynamic than a flat-bladed spoke whilst simultaneously being more resistant to fatigue from the twisting forces inherent to riding. Having these options at hand enables us to tailor the specific rigidity and compliance of a wheel build in order to make sure it’s ideally suited to the usage scenario.  We don’t skimp on the spoke count to save money either!

Road Disc

Fast AF boi

45/55mm Hooked Rims
DT Swiss 350 or Hope RS4 hubs

£1495 + Shipping

All Road

Escape angry farmers

45mm Wide Hookless Rims
DT Swiss 350 or Hope RS4 hubs

£1495 + Shipping

Stayer gravel adventure wheelset tan wall tyres bike disc Hope pro5

Gravel / Adventure

That scene from Jurassic Park but with bikes

Ultra Wide Internal, Hookless Rims
Choice of two wheel sizes
DT Swiss 350 or Hope RS4 hubs

£1495 + Shipping


Almost anything you can think of.

Any hubs, any rims,
any build (Within reason!)



All Road bike

An exceptionally strong and comfortable steel frame for long (or ultra long!) distance with clearance for up to 42mm tires (700c). The All Road is the ultimate randonneur.


Crit Bike

Whether you’re chasing or being chased, with race-optimised geometry the Crit Bike is an aggressive steel thoroughbred.

Groadinger OG PLUS

Devour single track like it’s your favourite desert, the OG+ is a drop-bar cross-country beast made for thrashing around in the dirt.

Groadinger UG

Our DO-IT-ALL (and then some) gravel adventure bike, the Groadinger UG has clearance for HUGE 2.1inch tires (650b).


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Judith, Sam and the team