Hand built wheels

Carbon and aluminium STAYER wheels

hand built to order, in house

Stayer wheels

Years of building full-custom wheels we’ve learned what works, and now offer a range of wheel-builds on our own STAYER rims with a choice of hub models for Off-Road, Road and Track.

Carbon or aluminium

And they’re all ACE

Why buit-to-order?

Your wheels are the workhorse of your bicycle and your weight, power and use is just simply not the same as everyone elses. A wheelset for a 6 foot 4 (physical-)powerhouse shouldn’t be the same as for a 5 foot 4 nimble climber should it?

Stayer wheels are built for you; your weight and your riding. 

Why handbuilt?

To be honest a lot of wheel building is done by hand to some degree. However, this is not done with skill and care which makes an enormous difference to the quality of your wheel build and thereby to the performance and durability of your wheels. 
Wheels need to be round and straight, both of which are relatively simple to achieve. What isn’t so simple, and in fact often entirely ignored, is that the spokes need to be evenly and correctly tensioned alongside of this.
Imagine if they are not, then you have some spokes doing all of the work (too much if the spoke count is correct) and other spokes sitting there loosely, unwinding over time.  

Also, very importantly,
the correct components, materials and greases need to be used in the correct combination.
e.g. 1. most greases degrade carbon fibre.
e.g. 2. alloy nipples on aluminium rims do not last, the former is too soft and the latter too harsh. So for a rim brake wheelset (where the rim is worn by use) that can be absolutely fine, for a disc brake wheelset that could theoretically last a lifetime ..it isn’t (in our opinion).

And lastly, our spoke lengths are correct. Haha:)  This is also absolutely not a given, and is something that takes experience and care to get right.
Too short and your nipples are prone to breaking prematurely as they are not being re-enforced by the spoke within running to the base of the nipple inside the rim, too long and the threads are having to be ‘cut’ by the nipple threads.
We cut and thread our spokes in house (with our amazing Morizumi spoke cutting and threading machine), individually per wheel set, to the nearest 0.5mm. 

Why Stayer?

A lot is explained above already really – we basically build wheels extremely well 🙂 Which is far from the norm (we service a lot of wheels so we are very very sure about this).

But! there are more reasons. 

We source, manufacture and build with top quality components, which we have been trialing for years. 
We have grown purely by word of mouth and due to the direct relationships we have with our customers (if you’re speaking to us on the email/phone you are talking to a mechanic, not a sales person!) we have and are continually receiving feedback and feeding this back into our products. 

And because we stand by our builds we offer a lifetime warranty on them.
Please find out more about this here.

Full-custom wheels

Need something a bit more specific than our model wheels ? 

Different hub brand perhaps,
or maybe something to go on your fatbike-tandem?

We love it 🙂

So just get in touch.


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Thank you so much for being into what we are doing.

Judith, Sam and the team