Going through changes

2023 brings change to the Stayer offering and ordering process. ⁠

We are super excited to say that from the middle of next month standard sizes of all of our frame models will be available to purchase via the website. ⁠

Manufactured in small batches the production of standard size frames will happen at different times for different models throughout the year. We will give a bit of warning when pre-orders will open for each model and then if there are any left over they will become available as in stock on the website. ⁠

These changes will also coincide with a bit of a website revamp and product reshuffle. From then also all new custom frame orders, including custom sizes, will move to a waiting list order system on a first come basis. ⁠

And so! ⁠
We begin with our new and improved Stayer Crit frame. This full Columbus build will be available to order as a frame set or full bike in a range of standard sizes – geo’s to be released in a few weeks time. ⁠

Keep an eye on our social or sign up to the newsletter for updates. Everything will be up and running in just over a month with a super cool merch package for pre-order trailblazers. ⁠

Stayer Cycles 29er off road gravel bikepacking radavist steel frame morocco anti atlas tizi n'test pas touring

Snot Rocket – camera carrying fully rigid mountain bike

29’er dirt drop ‘Snot Rocket’ overnighter camera carrying fully rigid mountain bike.

There is so much to talk about with this bike. Firstly it is worth saying that this is my bike so I have a personal attachment to everything about it. But more specifically I built it to prototype a few ideas and to do a few things well that you can’t just get a bike to do well unless you design it that way.

I wanted to be able to run both single speed for simple winter riding and gears for longer tours, camping and the occasional off road adventure. My second, slightly more specific, requirement was to be able to carry my medium format camera equipment and/or a heavy front load rather than a rear pannier or relying on a saddle bag and lots of weight behind. I live and cycle mostly in Epping Forest and I carry my camera most places so it needed to work for that as well as be a day trip or overnighter bike for rooty.

Stayer Cycles red dirt drop bike packing mtb steel porteur frame bag classic 29er maxxis disc morocco
Groadinger UG frameset
1X or 2X | do-it-all Gravel & Adventure bike
Gravel Adventure wheelset 
24 int | 35 deep | asymmetric | 650b or 700c
Gravalloy wheelset 
25 int | 22 deep | 650b or 700c


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Judith, Sam and the team