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Wheelbuilding and wheel maintenance taster event

£75 inc. UK VAT

Pick this course if you are a newbie to the world of wheels and you want to gain entry! Either for the start of a long and obsessive journey or simply a jolly night of fun with fellow wheel-enthusiasts and efficionados.

Amongst a breadth of different things this course will include:
– What is a wheel? Identifying the different components and their jobs
– Basic wheel maintenance such as spoke replacement and beginner trueing

Hopefully something for everyone looking to dip their toes in to this world of mystery.

Be true to yourself
Come round to ours
Tweak the nipple of destiny
And leave your tension behind.
Enjoy a wheely good evening with refreshments from our fellow local establishments. 

Refreshments and snacks will be provided including beers from Pretty Decent Beer Company and coffee from Perky Blenders.

Wednesday 20th of September, 7-9.30pm

Coming Soon

Please find our Cancellation policy in Further info & Warranty


Beginners wheelbuilding

Pick this course if you want to learn what it takes to build the perfect wheel, hands-on. Oh so round, oh so true. For complete beginners or those who already have some understanding
Two evenings, 3hrs per class

Build your own wheelset

Pick this course if you both want to learn how to build wheels AND you want a wheelset built to perfection. BOOM.
Four evenings, 2hrs per class


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