Stiff as Fork fork

well, obvs not really - it's steel. so a.k.a. Comfy AF?

Stiff as Fork fork

from £400 inc UK Tax

Let's build your fork !

If you know it, no worries if not - we will be in touch!
Mid-fork rack
Flat mount
Rim / Canti
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FRAMEBUILDING with Sam, a short film by Angus Sutherland

We don't do standard

We build every frame in house, in our workshop in East London. 

This not only means that we are able to develop and test ideas in house, and quickly, and build custom frames to order

but also that we can customise our in-stock standard size frames with all kinds of mounts, bottle bosses, gear routing… all after YOU order and before it goes to paint

making every frame a custom frame. 

And even though we stock standard sizes, we don’t do standard bikes.

Frame Construction at STAYER

The majority of our frames are a mix of TIG welded and fillet brazed construction. Most of our bikes are made with a TIG welded front triangle unless you request differently. TIG welding is an electric arc welding process that melts the tube joint together with the addition of another material – in the case of our frames we use a stainless additional material to give the welded area a stainless property as well as essentially stronger than the tubes we are joining. 

Braze ons, like bottle bosses etc are attached with silver solder making their addition very low temperature and not effecting the strength of the tubes they are attached to in any way. 

Other additional parts of the frame like the brake mounts and rack bosses are attached with Bronze fillet which gives a brassy look when seen under the rAwrAw finish. This brazing process can also be used to construct the frame instead of TIG welding and is available on request at an additional cost. 

All of our frames are made with a selected mix of Columbus and heat treated aerospace tubing called T45. 

We use Columbus tubing for our main triangle and chain stay building because of its consistently excellent quality, strength and range of options for the bespoke builder. It’s a bit more expensive because of this but we believe that it is a price worth paying if you are looking for tubing to make a great quality bike for life.

Our house formed T45 wishbone stays are super strong and give the all around tyre clearance and super nice look of our frames. We are really proud to make this part in house from a great quality material.

We use machined parts from Bear Frame Supplies in the Lakes UK. They make our stainless dropouts, head tubes and bottom bracket shells along with the beautiful cnc’d yokes for our OMG frame model. Aaron and Sarah are mega and we are very pleased to be able to offer their stuff on our frames. They are all small batch production, made in house in the UK and this costs a bit more but we think it is worth it as it’s so damn good!


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Judith, Sam and the team