Going through changes

2023 brings change to the Stayer offering and ordering process. ⁠

We are super excited to say that from the middle of next month standard sizes of all of our frame models will be available to purchase via the website. ⁠

Manufactured in small batches the production of standard size frames will happen at different times for different models throughout the year. We will give a bit of warning when pre-orders will open for each model and then if there are any left over they will become available as in stock on the website. ⁠

These changes will also coincide with a bit of a website revamp and product reshuffle. From then also all new custom frame orders, including custom sizes, will move to a waiting list order system on a first come basis. ⁠

And so! ⁠
We begin with our new and improved Stayer Crit frame. This full Columbus build will be available to order as a frame set or full bike in a range of standard sizes – geo’s to be released in a few weeks time. ⁠

Keep an eye on our social or sign up to the newsletter for updates. Everything will be up and running in just over a month with a super cool merch package for pre-order trailblazers. ⁠

Road Rim Brake

19 int | 45, 55 & 65 deep | 700c

Road Rim Brake

from £1,495.00 inc. UK Tax

Light, aero, wide & hooked.

And as always : hand-built to order.

If you’re a lighter rider and/or your rides can get pretty gusty then we recommend the 45/55mm setup, if you’re confident to go deeper then maybe the 55/65mm is for you.
Or maybe you’re into your symmetry, we’re building these wheels for you so that can all be arranged!

If you’re a lighter rider and/or your rides can get pretty gusty then we recommend the 35/45mm setup, if you’re confident to go deeper then maybe the 45/55mm is for you.
Or maybe you’re into your symmetry, we’re building these wheels for you so that can all be arranged!

As always; hand-built in house, to order and to your specifications.

If you are unsure about any of the choices below please do leave them unchecked or get in touch, and we can help you work it all out.

Current wheel build turnaround is 6-8 weeks

FYI - tubeless tape is always included & installed. And can be used with inner tubes also.
There are many options at different price points, please check this box if you'd like to discuss these with us!
Would you like us to set up you tubeless tyres? Prices include sealant
There are many options at different price points, please check this box if you'd like to discuss these with us!
The Stayer wheelbuilders would like to know your weight, a bit a about your riding if possible, and anything else you'd like us to know.
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Payment and finance options

Stayer Rim Brake rims

Lightweight and aerodynamic. With the rim depth choice to suit your riding.

  • 700c

  • Rim depths: 45, 55 and 65mm

    Different depths than these are possible but is custom order (+£30/rim) and would add about 2 months to the turnaround time.

  • Toray T700 carbon fiber

  • Grooved 3K braking surface

    with added graphene. The Graphene allows for faster heat reduction between braking. The grooves reduce heat buildup in general, help dissipate moisture between the brake pads and the braking surface in wet conditions and also increases braking friction (and thereby power) in the dry.

  • Hooked

  • Internal width: 18.5mm

    (at hook)

  • Tubeless friendly

  • Inner-tube compatible

  • Tyre compatibility : 19 - 47c

    Optimal aero tyre size : 25 - 28c

  • Maximum tyre pressure : 130psi

    although we recommend a fatter tyre and lower pressure, harder does not mean faster

  • Maximum Rider weight 115kg

    Please just get in touch if you are heavier, we build our wheels to order and can potentially increase the spoke count to suit at no extra cost

stayer cycles carbon rim brake grooved profile deep 45mm 55mm 65mm

Hope RS4

the UK’s own Hope RS4 hubs as they are simply amazing; reliable, durable .. and pretty good lookin’ too

£1250 inc UK TAX

Hope RS4 rim brake hub Stayer carbon road wheels
  • J-bend

    only available in J-bend

  • Coloured hubs

    Black, silver, blue, red, orange or purple

  • 44 point engagement

  • Steel freehub body option

    for Shimano 11s, adding 85g but is super durable

  • Versatile

    Readily available replacement parts, making it easy to convert your hubs for different axles for example, or change of freehub body

  • Durable

    With a service every so often these hubs can last forever, the hub bodies will not distort or wear

Hope technology hub colours stayer cycles

Wheelset weights : 45/55 1615g, 55/65 1670g

DT Swiss 350

basically flawless hubs, they don’t even develop play.

£1195 inc UK TAX

dt swiss 350 11 speed shimano rim brake road tubeless

These are top value performance hubs – a durable but lightweight design with a unique and flawless patented star ratchet system for perfect transmission of power.  Quality bearings that last like none other (honestly!) and these are the only hubs we have ever worked with which just do not develop play. They really are basically flawless.

  • J-bend

    DT350s are also available in Straight-pull but only in higher hole counts, from 24/28h.

  • Black

    With white logo

  • 18 tooth Ratchet

    36 (+£75) and 54 (+£85) tooth ratchet upgrades available.

Wheelset weights : 45/55 1595g, 55/65 1650g

Tune Mig/Mag

Ultra lightweight road rim brake hubset of the highest quality and as per usual – stunningly made by Tune.
Check ’em out!

£1375 inc UK Tax

Stayer cycles rim brake racing tubeless carbon wheels grooved braking surface tune mig mag 70 170 hubs cx-ray spokes black matte silver
  • Mig & Mag

  • J-bend

  • Coloured

    Black, gold, silver, acid green, orange, red or blue

  • 250 grams / pair

  • Standard bearings

    Enduro (+40) or Ceramic (+150) bearing upgrades optional, just get in touch or pop it in your order notes and we'll send through an additional invoice.

  • Eco-packaging

    This is something we appreciate massively about Tune hubs, every bit of their packaging is made of paper/carboard, and there is no excessive printing. Brilliant.

tune black forest hub colours custom wheels stayer cycles

Wheelset weights : 45/55 1470g | 55/65 1535g

We build these wheels order,  so we’ve got the scope to go pretty custom!
And we can build you exactly what your heart desires. 

  • Other hubs ?

    If you are after a specific brand / model, or if you have a feature in mind that you can'tfind here and would like some suggestions - just ask!

  • SON Delux dynamo front hub?

    We can do that, just get in touch from pricing.

  • Deeper (or shallower) rims?

    Special order rims are +£60/pair. Just get in touch for options.

That’s just a couple of suggestions, we can also do coloured nipples or build on provided hubs, whatever it is that you’ve got in mind- just ask !


If you’d like something different that we don’t seem to offer – just get in touch on the contact form below.

’cause we can probably do it …try us anyway 😉

You can find some good examples on our CUSTOM DEEP DIVE page.

Sapim CX-Ray or Alpina F1 Sprint Spokes

  • Cut and thread

    in house, a wheelset at a time. So they are the exact length required

  • 20/24 lacing

    although this can be increased to 24/28 for example, depending on rim depths and rider weight

  • Radial / 2-cross

    Radial front and 2-cross rear as standard, but we can lace differently according to rider weight, rim depth and spoke count.

  • Silver or black

    Spokes and nipples, up to you!

  • Alloy nipples

    We can also build these with brass nipples, but in most cases this would really not be necessary - good quality modern alloy nipples, assembled properly with the correct grease should not corrode unless consistantly used in wet weather over many years. In terms of strength, good quality alloy nipples built on ('kind') carbon fibre rims are more than strong enough, we have not yet had a single nipple break.

  • Bladed

    This is 'aero' but actually the main advantage is that the shape allows for the best impact absorption without sacrificing strength and power-transmission. This extends the lifetime off the spokes themselves as well as all their surrounding components

Images from Gran Fondo article 2019 (we’ve moved and grown a little since then :))

We can provide and install extra components to go with your wheelset.

Tell us if you’d like a quote/information in your order notes,
or get in touch in the contact form below.


We can provide and install tyres by almost any brand, inlcuding WTB | Schwalbe | Continental | Goodyear | Teravail | Hutchinson  | Vittoria | Michelin | Maxxis | Panaracer | Donnelly | Challenge | etc!

Bought with a wheelset, we do these at 5% off RRP. 

Tubeless fitting, including sealant:

£15/pair when we supply the tyres
£30/pair when you supply the tyres


We can provide and install cassettes by  Shimano | SRAM | Ingrid | Campagnolo etc

Anything else

We can provide all kinds of components, e.g. anything Hope !

So feel free to ask if there’s anything you’d like that doesn’t attach to your wheelset directly 😉 and we can get you a quote. 

We’re also very happy to advise if you’re unsure what to go for .

We (hand) build, to order

and we like to know who (and what) we’re building for, as you might need a few more spokes, or a few less. Or maybe you need brass nipples rather than alloy, or maybe you would prefer silver spokes to black..! etc

So please do drop us some information in the order notes about your weight, your intended use, and anything else you’d like to say so that we can make that this wheel set is built absolutely right for you.

Building every wheel individually -with skill, and taking a great deal of care with every step of the process- means that: 

  • our spoke lengths are perfect by 0.5mm (too short and your nipples are prone to braking prematurely as they are not being re-inforced by the spoke within, too long and the threads are having to be 'cut' by the nipple threads).

  • the spokes and nipples are assembled with the right amounts, and types, of grease.

  • the wheels are not only built to be visually straight, but also round and correcty & evenly tensioned, which are more important for the durability of the build. I.e. if you imagine some spokes being loose and others tight then the tight ones do all the work while the looser ones can continuously get looser... With our wheels all of your spokes will do the work for you 😉 not just a few.

On top of that they’re built for you; your weight and your riding. A wheelset for a 6 foot 4 (physical-)powerhouse shouldn’t be the same as for a 5 foot 4 nimble climber should it?

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Judith, Sam and the team