Going through changes

2023 brings change to the Stayer offering and ordering process. ⁠

We are super excited to say that from the middle of next month standard sizes of all of our frame models will be available to purchase via the website. ⁠

Manufactured in small batches the production of standard size frames will happen at different times for different models throughout the year. We will give a bit of warning when pre-orders will open for each model and then if there are any left over they will become available as in stock on the website. ⁠

These changes will also coincide with a bit of a website revamp and product reshuffle. From then also all new custom frame orders, including custom sizes, will move to a waiting list order system on a first come basis. ⁠

And so! ⁠
We begin with our new and improved Stayer Crit frame. This full Columbus build will be available to order as a frame set or full bike in a range of standard sizes – geo’s to be released in a few weeks time. ⁠

Keep an eye on our social or sign up to the newsletter for updates. Everything will be up and running in just over a month with a super cool merch package for pre-order trailblazers. ⁠

Large OG Frame

from £850 inc UK Tax (frame only)

“The OG is the go to smashing it drop bar trail bike. It has tyre clearance for knobbly 47mm 650b and a 42mm chainring. It is a dedicated 1X frame set with a super stiff Enve or Whisky Components carbon fork and super short chainstay ensuring your OG will perform like a monster truck and ride like an agile gazelle on any terrain anywhere in the world (fact).”

The confusing thing about this frame is that ‘what you see you CANNOT get’ – the rAwrAw finish is not done properly and will wear and rust prematurely.
This means that in the nearish future it needs to shot blasted and re-painted. And once blasted the frame will no longer have this clean steel texture that makes the rAwrAw look as it does. So, we are offering this frame as is (unpainted sort of, you will need to get it painted in the near future) or in any other colour.

  • Flatmount Disc
  • 47mm 650B
  • for 1X gearing
  • 142 x 12mm TA
  • c-t-c top tube: 53cm
  • c-t-c seat tube: 50cm
  • head tube: 15c


What’s included in this price: Frame only, that’s it!

But we can add a fork, headset, BB etc and you get the wheelset ‘bundle’ discount if you like .. we can even build it up as a full bicycle for you – just get in touch!

OK! Now that you have read the info above (especially the bit about the rAwrAw finish)

how would you like this Large OG frame:

Out of stock

Payment and finance options

House finishes

Choose one of our classic Stayer close-colour fades, the industrial rAwrAw or our new dusty Salmon!

Each are hardwearing powdercoats with painted decals. 
Find more examples for each of the finishes here.


phosphate dipped and clear-lacquered, giving a durable ‘RAW’ look finish where you can still see the welds and all those perfect imperfections

Swamp Dip

a double dunk in Shrek soup

Stayer cycles How Now groadinger UG finish colourway fade

How Now


appel (apple) + blauw (blue) + zee (sea) + groen (green) 


as cold as your frosty nubbins after a windy winter whap on the whip up the woods

Flamingo friend

dream of salmon with your friend for life

Custom RAL Classic Powdercoat

Get your frame custom powdercoated in a RAL Classic colour of your choice with black or white lettering.

Below is a selection of the RAL Classic colours, please see all colour options here.

Note : these colours (on any website/screen) are meant as a guide only, the finished colour may not be as shown here. To see what these colours truly look like in the flesh please consult a RAL colour fan deck.

RTP (ready-to-paint)

A blank canvas,
the frame is left unpainted, and untreated, for you to organise you own paint job.

We can provide our logo files to you or your chosen painter.

For the Groadinger UG we recommend the Gravel Adventure wheelset

If your plans are a little speedier then hvae a look at the All Road wheelset


we are now also offering our own alloy option – the GRAVALLOYS


Gravel Adventure wheelset
24 int | 35 deep | asymmetric | 650b or 700c
1495 £1375 bundle price
All Road wheelset
24 int | 35 deep | asymmetric | 650b or 700c
1495 £1375 bundle price
Gravalloy wheelset 
25 int | 22 deep | 650b or 700c
from 695 £625 bundle price

These prices are for the Hope RS4 wheelset options.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your wheels with a SON Delux and/or on Tune hubs for example – just pop it in the order notes or get in touch for pricing.

And if you’d like something that we don’t seem to offer anywhere – just ask – we build your wheels to order so can accommodate for quite a bit 👍


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Thank you so much for being into what we are doing.

Judith, Sam and the team