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Framebuilding 101

£1500 inc. UK VAT

These classes will give the opportunity for participants to get a glimpse into the world of bicycle frame building. Introducing the skills and tools involved through the process of constructing and brazing your own steel frame. 

Students will initially go through the process of designing a frame, selecting tubing and frame parts and talking design theory and fit with our framebuilders in a one to one remote consultation process. You will then visit the workshops for a 5 day hands-on practical course where you will build it! Learning all of the steps in the process and getting to try every aspect of building your very own brass fillet brazed steel bicycle frame with the Stayer workshop framebuilding team. The build will involve mitering tubing, tacking and brazing the frame as well as attaching frame furniture with silver. Basic construction methods will be addressed along with all of the processes needed to finish the frame to an unfiled brass fillet finish at the workshop.

The course will focus on brass brazing and silver soldering frame construction methods. Materials costs will be additional to the course costs. As a guide frame materials (tubing, dropouts and brazing rod) will cost around £400 but, within the constraints of the taught skills, are very much open to your choice so can be altered to fit your budget.

Frame only atm – no fork or other bits and bobs. Materials will be decided on during the consultation process prior to the workshop days. 

  • Cancellations can be made up to 14 days after booking, unless the booking is made within 6 weeks of the course commencing.
  • Frame builds will be made with the brass fillet brazing process only. This course will not cover TIG welding or lugs.
  • Attendees will build their frame from drawings made and agreed during the consultation process. You should not expect to be able to make changes during the workshop time.
  • Due to the time available some of the mitering processes and preparatory work will be undertaken by the Stayer workshop – 5 practical days may seem like lots of time but it will fly past so to ensure you walk away with a rideable frame the process will, out of necessity, be somewhat abridged.

Course dates

29th of January to the 2nd of February 2024 or 26th of February -1st of March 2024

Please find our Cancellation policy in Further info & Warranty


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