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hand built uk wheels carbon rims stayer cycles DT swiss Hope RS4 tune hubs SAPim CX-Ray spokes

Build your own wheelset

£260 inc. UK VAT

Pick this course if you both want to learn how to build wheels AND you want wheels, fine wheels. BOOM.
ANY wheels as well, not necessarily ‘Stayer’ carbon or alloy wheels. 

The full wheelbuilding experience. Including all of the usual wheelbuilding processes and the more specialist bits we do here like spoke cutting and threading, using a very fancy truing stand etc.
We will walk you through the entire process and your wheels will be perfect! 

So round, so straight, so perfectly tensioned. 

And in the mean time we will release the wheel-nerd knowledge upon you, and there will be no-where to hide. 

Be true to yourself
Come round to ours
Tweak the nipple of destiny
And leave your tension behind.
Enjoy four wheely good evenings of rotational bliss
And roll on the rest of your life 

can be provided by Stayer which includes consultation for use, budget and compatibility, and the rims and hubs can be from any brand.
If you would like to build on Stayer rims we will need the specs finalised 4 weeks in advance of the course commencing so that we can be sure to have the stock available. For this upcoming course that would be by the first week of August.

If you would like to provide your own components we will need the details (brand, model, hole count and use) in advance to check compatibility and suggest best spoke type and lacing pattern. And of course we can still help work out what you need. Do not panic 🙂

Spokes and nipples are always supplied by Stayer.

Four evenings, 2hrs per class. 
Thursdays the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of September,
7-9 pm

2 Available

Please find our Cancellation policy in Further info & Warranty


Beginners wheelbuilding

Pick this course if you want to learn what it takes to build the perfect wheel, hands-on. Oh so round, oh so true. For complete beginners or those who already have some understanding
Two evenings, 3hrs per class

Wheelbuilding and wheel maintenance taster event

An evening wheel talk with some hands on wheel-maintenance! 
Refreshments and snacks will be provided including beers from Pretty Decent Beer Company and coffee from Perky Blenders.
One evening, 2.5hrs


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Judith, Sam and the team