All Road Bike

custom built | 8-12 week turnaround

All Road Bike

from £1700 inc UK Tax

It is a light, exceptionally strong and comfortable steel frame for long (or ultra long!) distance 700c or 650b, mixed use versatile riding and racing.

The UG is the gravel bike built for adventure groading and fast off roadin. This do-it-all gravelling adventure-ready frameset is for 1X or 2X and a carbon or steel fork for packing up or packing light but never packing in.

Load up and ride into the sunsets of your mind (yum) or rip it up down the groad less rode. However you roll, you’re gonna want a UG as your friend in the wilderness!

Let's build your All Road !

if you are unsure about any of the options below DON'T PANIC and just leave them blank, and we can work it all out together.
Chillymanilly (fade)
Swamp Dip (fade)
How Now (fade)
Appelblauwzeegroen (fade)
Flamingo friend
Please choose a colour from any of these https://www.ralcolorchart.com/ral-classic If you're not sure yet feel free to leave this blank, and we can help you work it out!
Downtube & headtube logos
Mechanical (external)
Di2 (internal)
"Euro" (right hand rear, left hand front)
"UK" (left hand rear, right hand front)
check to see options
This is for a STAYER x HOPE wheelset. If you are interested in Tune hubs (or anything else) just get in touch.
(Instead of the Hope RS4 front hub)
White Reflective
Black/grey reflective
Gloss Black
Shimano 8/9/10/11s
Shimano 8/9/10/11s STEEL
Campagnolo 10/11/12s
(the Stayer wheelbuilders would like to know your weight, and a bit a about your riding if possible)
(seat post collar / headset / hubs)
A mix! (tell us all about it in your order notes :))
If you have bike fit data please upload it here. If not, absolutely no worries, ignore this and we'll figure out what you need together.
(Tell us anything and everything you'd like us to know)
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Payment and finance options

raw steel frame uk made TIG gravel all road
  • Bottom Bracket shell

    T47 BB as standard (BSA on request)

  • Gearing

    Clearance for road double with clamp on front mech

  • Gear routing

    Di2 internal, Mechanical external or ETAP

  • Brake compatibility

    flat mount, max. 160mm

  • Rear dropouts

    Bear Frameworks hooded stainless steel 142x12mm TA

  • Seat post diameter


  • Maximum tyre clearance

    700 x 38c max tyre clearance

  • Tubing

    Columbus Spirit & Life, and T45

  • Seat stay


  • Head tube

    44mm straight

  • Welding process


  • Mudguard mounts

    as standard

  • Brake routing

    Internal or external (we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of these with you)

  • Bottle cage mounts

    two pairs as standard

  • Seat post clamp


  • Frame Weight (small)

    1.9kg average

Carbon fork options

Columbus Futura Gravel

  • Tapered 1-1/8” – 1-1/4”

  • 12 x 100 mm

  • Through axle included

  • Internal brake routing

  • 450 g

  • Flat Mount

  • 650b / 700c

  • 700c x 40mm

Aera Dynamo

Aera Dynamo

  • Internal dynamo & brake routing

  • Crown light mounting point

  • Tapered 1-1/8” – 1-1/2”

  • 12 x 100 mm

  • Through axle included

  • Flat Mount

  • 160mm max Rotor size

  • 650b / 700c

  • 650b x 40 mm / 700c x 38 mm

For this bike in 700c we recommend the All Road wheelset.

But if your plans are a little speedier then hvae a look at the Road Discs.

The Gravel Adventures would be perfect for a smaller 650b setup.


we are now also offering our own alloy option – the GRAVALLOYS.
700c or 650b, at an ideal internal width for the All Road bike.


All Road wheelset
24 int | 35 deep | asymmetric | 650b or 700c
1250 £1125 bundle price
Gravalloy wheelset 
25 int | 22 deep | 650b or 700c
595 £535 bundle price
Road Disc wheelset
21 int | 35, 45 & 55 deep | 700c
1250 £1125 bundle price
Gravel Adventure wheelset
24 int | 35 deep | asymmetric | 650b or 700c
1250 £1125 bundle price

These prices and options are for the Hope RS4 or SON Delux & Hope RS4 wheelset options.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your wheels on Tune hubs for example – just pop it in the order notes or get in touch for pricing.

Same with any other details or questions, we build your wheels to order so can accommodate for quite a bit 👍

Custom sizing and Geo,

preferably from Bike Fit data (e.g. from a bike fitter like Soigneur) but we are also happy to use fit information – contact points – from a bicycle you are perfectly comfortable on already. 

As always, if you’re unsure about anything say the word and we can help you figure it out.

stayer cycles small batch build All road 700c steel bicycle disc dynamo

Frame geometry affects bicycle handling and therefore can be quite different between two bicycles of the same fit/size.

if the numbers on the Sizing table are a little confusing and do not compare to your current frame then please fill in the form below (as best you can) and we will get back to you with a custom fit drawing and frame size suggestion in 1-2 working days.

stayer contact points custom bike fit

Contact points form

House finishes

Choose one of our classic Stayer close-colour fades, the industrial rAwrAw or our new dusty Salmon!

Each are hardwearing powdercoats with painted decals. 
Find more examples for each of the finishes here.


phosphate dipped and clear-lacquered, giving a durable ‘RAW’ look finish where you can still see the welds and all those perfect imperfections

Swamp Dip

a double dunk in Shrek soup

Stayer cycles How Now groadinger UG finish colourway fade

How Now


appel (apple) + blauw (blue) + zee (sea) + groen (green) 


as cold as your frosty nubbins after a windy winter whap on the whip up the woods

Flamingo friend

dream of salmon with your friend for life

Custom RAL Classic Powdercoat

Get your frame custom powdercoated in a RAL Classic colour of your choice with black or white lettering.

Below is a selection of the RAL Classic colours, please see all colour options here.

Note : these colours (on any website/screen) are meant as a guide only, the finished colour may not be as shown here. To see what these colours truly look like in the flesh please consult a RAL colour fan deck.