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An Ode to the Groadinger UG

by Taylor Doyle

If I had to choose only one bike for the rest of ever it would be the Groadinger UG

I say this to people all the time, and I would say it whether I worked for Stayer or not. It is the ideal bike. This is not a drill. 

The UG (Ultra Grav) has carried me through most of my wildest adventures, its versatility and the crazy amount of stuff I can use this bike for are what makes this bike a complete winner for me. It has seen me through racing two full Pan Celtic Race Series (racing 2,500+ kms at a time), on variable road conditions for delirious miles on end. It has also seen me through the likes of the Badger Divide and Second City Divide when I was searching for a challenge in the dead of wintertime; routes and trails that more often than not see mountain bikes over gravel bikes. I rag around on my UG like a mountain bike, and I’ve gotten so comfortable on it that I’ll happily take it MTBing with mates and generally be able to keep up and shred well. I use the same set of Stayer gravel wheels the whole time, for road ultras, ‘mtb’ ultras, and everything in between, only pausing to swap tires around as I go. The UG takes up to a 2.1” tire with a 650b wheel setup. This is the top end of its clearance. My favourite way to run the UG is with 47×650 WTB Sendero knobbly tires. Senderos are THE BOMB and make me feel like I can take on anything. In my opinion if the UG could take more tire, it wouldn’t serve the other side of what I love to use the UG for as well as it does. Framebuilder Sam at Stayer has perfected and nailed this ideal breadth of uses without compromising a lick when it comes to performance and the extreme things I use it for. I know others have found the magic balance of the Groadinger UG as well. I don’t mind swapping my tires around as I please, but the no-faff dream would be to have a second set of wheels, one for road (I race on 47×650 slick Teravail Ramparts, big I know, but I like it) and one for offroad. OR one set 650b and one set 700c (yeah! of course this bike can take 700s, or it wouldn’t be the ideal bike) but I’m a small lass so ride 650b on the road efficiently.

And oh yeah, this bike is made of lightweight steel, which means you can put your full trust into it and also it’s made of a material that is moddable, changeable, reinforceable, and what I’m really trying to say is that it is sustainable, and won’t end up in plastic wasteland world (ie our earth) after some lifetimes as it can always be reused and that’s why steel is cool. 

It’s also handmade (like, truly from the ground up) for you in East London by an incredibly ethical and socially conscious small business which contributes to its community in meaningful and heartfelt ways. But if you’re here on the Stayer blog you probably already knew how special these folks are. 



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