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Stayer Learning - wheelbuilding

taster / Beginner / advanced / Build your own


Welcome to the learning zone…for wheels.

Below you will find our wheel building workshop offerings with everything from absolute beginner to advanced level learning and even the option to learn at the same time as building your own wheel set! The Stayerland wheel experts will guide you through the mysteriously deep and dark realms of mystery, through the fogs of of chaos and confusion and on into the clearing of understanding and mastery of the singular practice of the wheel builder.

We are offering a variety of course, some more serious some more social, but all will be awe inspiring and empower your wheel based journey. Come dressed to impress.

Wheelbuilding and wheel maintenance taster event

An evening of wheel talk, tips and tricks and some hands-on wheel maintenance! 
Refreshments and snacks will be provided including beers from Pretty Decent Beer Company and coffee from Perky Blenders.
One evening, 2.5hrs

£75 inc. UK tax

Build your own wheelset

Pick this course if you both want to learn how to build wheels AND you want a wheelset built to perfection. BOOM.

£260 inc. UK tax, not including components.

Advanced wheelbuidling

If you’ve already completed Beginners wheelbuilding and you are ready for more OR you have some skills already and want to hone the craft
Two evenings, 3hrs per class

£195 inc. UK tax

Beginners wheelbuilding

Pick this course if you want to learn what it takes to build the perfect wheel, hands-on. Oh so round, oh so true. For complete beginners or those who already have some understanding
Two evenings, 3hrs per class

£195 inc. UK tax


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