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Stayer Learning - framebuilding


Welcome to the learning zone…for frames.

Below you will find our current frame building workshop offerings. The Stayerland frame building experts will guide you through the mysteriously deep and dark realms of mystery, through the fogs of chaos and confusion and on into the clearing of understanding and mastery. Emerging triumphant, exhilerated and empowered clutching a very fine bicycle frame made not only for you…BUT BY YOU as well! 

TESTBED courses are sold out. 101 course dates are currently available for January and February 2024

Framebuilding 101 – TESTBED

We are running 2 testbed events for our frame building classes in anticipation of running them more regularly in 2024. 


Framebuilding 101

Pick this course if you want to learn what it takes to build and braze a bicycle frame. For complete beginners or those who already have some understanding. 

Initial design consultation followed by 5 days practical in the Stayer workshop.

£1500 inc. UK tax


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