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GRAVEL UNION interview with Sam and Judith

a Stayer HQ visit

We had a visit from Gravel Union at Stayer HQ,  Sam and Judith said some stuff 

‘Set up in 2015, Stayer are a frame and wheel building company, but with a social conscience running through the core of the business which sets them apart from their competitors.
“One of our aims is to reduce the barriers to a minimum for new riders to get into cycling”said Judith. “It’s why we lend out test frames and test bikes to potential customers so give them as good as possible a first experience of cycling. And at the opposite end of things, it’s also why we were so keen to be involved with the Ultra Distance Scholarship”. She continues “We wanted to share our love of cycling with everyone and help grow diversity within the cycling and endurance-racing communities”
“Right from the outset, we wanted the business to be sustainable” adds Sam “We decided to have a flat wage structure, to make it as easy as possible for anyone who works here to move between jobs and to have a common goal for everyone. We hope that all of this means we have a positive impact. And that to us is more important than making a huge financial gain”


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Judith, Sam and the team