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East Devon Trail on OG PLUSes

After the last long weekend of the Summer, while most people’s holidays were coming to a close, Stayer folk Judith and Taylor, set off with adept camera wielder (and occasional Stayer folk person) Christine, to meet gravel grinder (and also occasional Stayer kin) Katherine for a mini tour of the newly hyped East Devon Trail.

The plan was to take it slow, and to take some of the latest Stayer Groadinger OG PLUSes to the trails to experience the magic of this new machine first hand. With our very knowledgeable tour guide, Katherine Moore, we were in good hands to go at party pace, and make it up as we journeyed. We did most of the coastal route of the East Devon Trail, not navigating it in its entirety, but rather having a loose taste test, as it were. We swam, bivvied, cooked, pubbed, shredded, and laughed our way around this super fun and breathtaking route that you should definitely check out if you can. Please enjoy this selection of photos that Christine captured on this mini bikepacking trip, marking the end of an expeditious summer.


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