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CyclingNews – XS Groadinger UG & Gravel Adventure wheels review

by Mildred Locke


It’s difficult to put into words how much I adore this bike without my review reading like a love letter.

Perhaps it is a love letter though since, after all, I think so highly of this bike that I’ve made the decision to lay down my own money to buy one…

Mildred reviewed an Extra Small (our very first one!) Groadinger UG and it’s Gravel Adventure 650b wheels for CyclingNews. 

The review is absolutely amazing. And it looks like Mildred wants to keep the bike, which is quite the endorsement in itself.

Read the full review here

Reviewed gear :
Groadinger UG Extra Small, Custom colour
Gravel Adventure wheelset 650b, DT Swiss 350 hubs


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