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hand-built custom wheels

carbon, alloy, speedy, sturdy or shiny

Hand-built custom wheels

Carbon, alloy, speedy, sturdy or shiny

We are wheel builders at STAYER and that means we dont just build the wheels you see on our product pages, oh no no! Indeed we build all sorts of wheels from all sorts of different components, and can design and spec a custom wheel set for you either through a consultation process or to your requirements. 

Ask about hub options or custom rims or wheels for E Bike or a set of wheels for your cargo bike or XC flyer!

Maybe you are looking for something specific or just something a little special. Either way we are here for you and offer the very finest STAYER build quality for your new wheelset. Get in touch with Judith by email or using the contact form below and request a quote, call back or consultation and start your journey towards ultimate roundness today.

Bespoke Wheel Building - questions, questions....

Can I order a standard Stayer wheel model, but with a twist?
Yes! Different hubs? Higher spoke count..? Just ask.
We build everything to order and are very happy to customise. Genuinely, give us variation!

Can I order CUSTOM CARBON rims?
Yes. Looking for something specific, a different rim profile or width? a hooked/hookless version of one of our rims or a stronger rim for your E-MTB?
Yes again. And it’s at no extra charge, might be a longer wait (5-6 weeks usually), and a bit more chatting 🙂 but that’s it. 

You don’t seem to do the wheel type I am after ?
We’ve narrowed down our ‘in stock’ rim models but we still do wheels for cyclocross, track, road rim brake, lightweight climbing, XC … we’ve even done Fat Bike Stayer wheels in the past! 
So just ask, we can pretty much do it all. And advise 👍

Will you build me a custom wheelset on another brand of rims ?
Yes! We are wheel builders at STAYER. Our brand is representative of your build and as such we will build on Enve / H Plus Son / Kinlin / WTB / DT Swiss… you name it. We can get them for you, build them and advise about them. 

Different brand hubs ?
 Industry Nine / Royce / Chris King / Shimano / Bitex / Paul Components / White Industries… YES! ask.

Can I supply my own components ?
Yes indeedy. What about my own hubs for us to build on Stayer rims? Inderdaad! How about rims to build on to Hope, DT Swiss or any other hubs we can supply? Totes vermotes! Can I supply the hubs as well as the rims and just ask STAYER to build it all up for me? Why yes you can. We only ask to be allowed to use our own spokes so that they are the right length, and the best quality.

Can I just buy your Stayer rims (rims only, unbuilt) ?
No 🙂
Sorry we don’t do this, not branded anyway. The Stayer brand is all about the build and a guarantee of quality on that build – alongside the component quality of course – and we won’t jeapordise this or brand a rim if it hasnt been built at STAYER. 

Can I come and build my wheels myself?
Yes! check out the BYOW course here and come and build your own wheelset, with expert guidance and lots of learning opportunities of course.


Anything else?
Probably yes. Just ask. We have a lot of experience and very happy to chat.

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What people say...

‘From a small workshop in East London, independent bike brand Stayer Cycles are pioneering the often overlooked art of custom wheels, taking on the giants of the industry and breaking convention not just when it comes to spoke count…’  

from GRAN FONDO : The forgotten art of custom wheels


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