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BIKEPACKING.COM / Bespoked 2019

Cass Gilbert took a look at our Custom Dirt Drop MTB

‘‘Basking in some well-deserved limelight at the 2019 Bespoked UK show, this sumptuous dirt drop mountain bike from London-based Stayer was quite the looker. Complete with custom porteur rack and a laser cut yoke for three-inch tires, its US-inspired aesthetic is complemented by a smattering of North American boutique parts. We find out more about the bike and the business behind it…’’

It was super nice to meet Cass of BIKEPACKING.COM  for the first time at Bespoked 2019. He took our custom dirt drop mountainbike -and Sam 🙂 – for a little photoshoot and interview.

Check out the full writeup and pictures here

Also, we did our own writeup about this particular bike if you’re interested – Raoul’s 29’er dirt drop MTB

Alongside the the dirt drop MTB we also brought two Groadinger OGs (the design of which have now morhped into the OG PLUS) and a few extra carbon wheel sets

Both bikes have stunning INGRID cranksets and Whisky forks and of course sporting some hand built Stayer Gravel Adventure wheels, 650B.


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