Going through changes

2023 brings change to the Stayer offering and ordering process. ⁠

We are super excited to say that from the middle of next month standard sizes of all of our frame models will be available to purchase via the website. ⁠

Manufactured in small batches the production of standard size frames will happen at different times for different models throughout the year. We will give a bit of warning when pre-orders will open for each model and then if there are any left over they will become available as in stock on the website. ⁠

These changes will also coincide with a bit of a website revamp and product reshuffle. From then also all new custom frame orders, including custom sizes, will move to a waiting list order system on a first come basis. ⁠

And so! ⁠
We begin with our new and improved Stayer Crit frame. This full Columbus build will be available to order as a frame set or full bike in a range of standard sizes – geo’s to be released in a few weeks time. ⁠

Keep an eye on our social or sign up to the newsletter for updates. Everything will be up and running in just over a month with a super cool merch package for pre-order trailblazers. ⁠

Welcome to Stayerland

We are an independent workshop in Leytonstone , East London.

We’re small, but growing a little 🙂 
Sam and Judith are head of frame and wheel building respectively, and started Stayer Cycles in 2015. Then there’s Holly who does a bit of everything (you’ll catch her on the emails, the torch, the spoke cutter! She’s everywhere.), Ev is the other wheel builder extraordinaire! (who will happily chat you through your aero hangups), Aoife is head of numbers, spreadsheets (addict) and serious emails and Nola the Nosebeast is head of HR.

Aaaand we’re currently training up a couple more amazing people to join us, which is very exciting.

Check out our Youtube channel for more moving imagery!

as we have great ambitions for this here about page ! 😉 


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Thank you so much for being into what we are doing.

Judith, Sam and the team